School Trip To Austria 1985

School ski trip. Now I can only be grateful to my parents for pulling together the money for this trip. It was a last chance to enjoy the freedom of not yet having to fend for myself, and yet old enough to have a good time - there were girls on the trip, and some of us were old enough to drink!

We all clamber to collect out luggage. Our hotel in Innsbruck, Austria (below):
This girl fancied my mate something rotten. It wasn't reciprocated:
A zen moment:
I only remember two of these people:
This was my first holiday as an adult away from the parents. I'd been on school trips before but they felt more like being at school than being on holiday - this felt great - abroad, just turned 18, and with my friends. And best of all - thanks to the merger of our schools the year before - there were girls on the trip!!!
As this is a project in are some notes....Phil Rapson....sledging down a mountain...gitty public schoolboys and class warrior me...drunkeness...hiding in the girls bedroom....Andy's miserable eating girl who fancied me....learning to ski....the pre ski trip to Torquay dry slope...Everything but the girl on the bus....Gary Numan and Bill camera...choclate mania...pocket knife mania...