Thames Poly Notes

I was a prolific artist Drew quite a lot in 1st year. Particularly women wearing dresses, and their breasts, etc. But I'd started out drawing cars and things I could see, and copying comic characters. Then I progressed to drawing famous people. I drew musicians I admired, and copying album covers. Later started using paints. My skills were being stretched by art classes at school and some of those techniques I liked and applied at home.
I'd started buying 2000AD while at Thames Poly - thanks to a generous donation of all Andy's back issues - so read through them and kept up with new editions. In order to get a drawing published I drew Judges Bowie and Jagger in the style of Judge Dredd and sent it in. Wanted it to be described as zarjazz or somehting. It didn't even get published. Photocopied it on machine in Poly library using my magnetic card. Possibly the only time I used my card. But it wasn;t free I had to charge the card up with my own money.

London Marathon early in 1986 went past our Halls. It started in Woolwich – two separate starts joined together at top of Wellington St. I saw the Sad Man Jimmy Saville. Also saw a nearly as sad man – whoever it is that used to run as an emu every year – Bernie Clifton??


Pulp played ThamesPoly on the 17th January 1986. can't remember whether I saw them or not...but I did tend to go to most gigs in that first year.

in 1986

DLR started in 1987
my first go on it was in 1990 going to see Bowie