New York City

New York - about three weeks
Day One - Kennedy Hotel right next to the airport
Day two Into Manhatten on yellow taxi - booking of the accomodation - dealing with the humidity - central park nibbles - the bar out of ghostbusters - getting on the Greyhound to Chicago
Day Three - travelling overnight and most of next day - arrival - finding accomodation
Day Four - Chicago - blues bar - beach - lake front - Sears Tower - record shop
Day Five - did we have two days in Chicago?
Day Six- travel south to Nashville
Day Seven- crappy motel run by Indians from London - record shop - Grand Ole Opry - bluegrass band and bar in evening
Day eight - bus to Washington DC
Day nine - spent day in Washington and caught bus to NYC in evening
Day ten - travel all day
Day eleven - early monring arrival; McDonalds breakfast; NYT; accomodation
sunday - explored downtown - our touristy day tot=2
circle line trip - whole day tot = 3
The Pogues
Statten island - most of a day - tot=4
Empire State
Twin Towers. tot = 5
Liberty Island - whole day tot = 6
Coney Island - whole day tot = 7
Greenwich Village - aday tot = 8
HMV - near end of trip to spend money
The day we walked all the way to Harlem tot = 9
Day 20 - me without Dave - chilling and drinking coffee tot = 10
Day 21 (ish) October 9th - sititing around in Strawberry Fields watching the heads strumming their way through birthday tributes; lighting candles, leaving flowers, etc. tot = 11
in all - comes to about 22 days - which seems right

First Sunday

Looked at

Circle line tour

round the whole of manhatten – in the badlands between Bronx and Harlem. East River Hudson.

Walked up to Harlem, through Central Pk

China Town

Chinese meal – lunch

Walked across Brooklyn Bridge – and into Brooklyn – and quickly back again

Walked across Manhatten Bridge?

Tai stall in street market – where?

Pogues US tour T shirt

Saw "The Doors" – or rather a mildly convincing tribute band in bar in Greenwich Village – Dave spoke to Syd Barret fan in bar we sat in most of afternoon

– obnoxious English bloke with Green card

Statten island ferry

Little Italy – disappoiningly Chinese

Square with "Drug Dealers ---> " scrawled on floor

Got my hair cut and it was horrible

Went to Micheal's bar to see Woody

On East side of Central Pk by Guggenheim – I think it was closed for building works

Walked to UN building

Boat trip to liberty island and other islands – queue was too big – photo opportunities

Greenwich village – basement bar – actress invited us to party

HMV shopping near the end – to use up money

Where the factory used to be

The day Dave pissed off and I sat around most of the day and enjoyed the ambience.

The final day

John Lennon's birthday – strawberry fields – transport to airport.. He would have been 51. Dave saw Yoko Ono.