Second Year: 1986 to 1987

It was a cleaner leaner fitter me that went back to Woolwich in September.

Dad drove me up to London with my stuff. I took a bike up this time - not sure how we got it in the car, or whether i went back for it a few weeks later.

I was moving into a house in Plumstead. Mrs Patak. At first I was sharing a room with Mark - a nightmare scenario. In a bunk bed. I was underneath and it wasn't safe. the bed on top wasn;t attached and I feared being crushed in the night. also Mark was a neanderthal in many ways.

We cooked together, which felt really odd, but not as odd as shopping together. Eventually my room was ready. I liked my room even though it had a large hole in the floor through which you could see the kitchen. It was high up with tremendous view out the back. I put my desk against the back window and watched the world while i studied. also had a sofa. and a bar fire which i could use freely.

My wisdom teeth that had flared up in the summer was no longer a problem, though still had appointment for removal. Mum came up and saw me through it - it was a requirement that I not be alone after being released from hospital. just as well, i could barely walk.

There was no Dave - he'd failed his exams. Harvey had disappeared. We never saw him again.
I stayed in touch with Dave though - I think I visited him once at some point - it was the start of me picking up the guitar. Kings Langley out near Watford, with the Ovaltinies factory. Dave's Dad worked for Mirror Group newspapers, and had a nice pension lined he thought.

I think I had even less friends this year than the year before but somehow, it didn;t bother me quite so much. at least I wasn;t fat, and had a decent haircut.

The man who worked for free for Mrs P. My fruit being stolen while i was ill.

in the run up to my second year exams - I went onto a mainly muesli diet.

I got involved with the Labour Party in Plumstead - a lovely group of people. We met in the Working Men's Club / Labour Club - whatever it was....and in the pub. I started spending my sunday afternoon's having drinks bought for me, mostly, being a poor student, and sitting in lock-ins eating free grub, drinking free beer. But I also campaigned for the Labour Party
Council elections in 1986 - labour won.

26th February - a byelection after guy barnett had died - rosie Barnes, a hateful SDP candidate won.

I remember attending a voting count in the town hall and labour winning a council election. But also remember there being champagne on hand for celebrating our victory in general election. We lost but drank the champagne anyway.

My last involvement with the labour party in Greenwich would be in 1989 campaigning for the Euro elections.