Married Life part 1993 to 1999

So in 1993 my young free and single days ended and I got married, with Ed as one of the witnesses, I wore black jeans and a penguin T shirt for an informal ceremony at Brixton Registry office. After struggling to live in one room, also with a a couple of kittens from the Dr Doolittle petshop in Streatham, everything got packed everything into boxes, including the cats and there was a move to Tooting - my first flat.

I managed the move fairly badly - it was a man with a van - these days I just rent a van - and no man. I had failed to organise the lowering of some bollards meaning we couldn't bring the van close enough to the flat entrance. It wasn't a good day. But it wasn't long before I'd settled in.

I'd never heard of Earlsfield before - told people I was living in Tooting. Gradually let my involvement with Lambeth Greenpeace slip as I became involved with more independent and front line direct action organisations and events.

Critical Mass cycle ride
Streatham Environmental Action Group
CND - nuclear trains
Twyford down

There followed my first property purchase....