Summer 1987

Towards the end of the term - 30th May - exams right upon me, me and Dave went to this free open air gig in Kennington. Mighty Mighty and Mighty Lemon Drops were the main attractions. We went on the march first, I ended walking next to Paul weller, an honour, though I was too scared to talk to him. Also saw Ken Livingstone being interveiwed by channel Four. We deliberately walked behind Ken to see if we could get onto the news. I never found out if we did.


Kennington Park, London (Youth CND Rally)
With The Bathers, Mighty Lemon Drops, Lorna G, Janet Kenton
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Right at the end of term I went to Wembley to see David Bowie. - either the 19th or 20th June 1987 - Glass Spider tour. Terrible! And then it was back to Plymouth.
I remember arriving back and having to tell Mark about the gig - that it was pretty shit in fact. Big country supported and they were better than Bowie; and as always at these big stadium gigs, the biggest shitheads were present. The big shithead in this case was a drunken twat who at one decided to piss into a bottle, missed and pissed down my leg, and then through the fecking bottle ont he ground anyway. If he had to why didn;t he just piss down his own fecking trouser leg?!?!

David Bowie's "Never Let Me down" came out in April and Iggy's "Blah Blah Blah" which came out the previous October -I think I bought both over the summer, and soon regretted buying the Bowie album. it was awful. <--- ?? I have since bought it again on CD, but only for about a pound. What? I'm a completist!

This time I remember being slightly reluctant to leave London. I think Mark had gone to Scotland now, and Terry had died (?).

In fact sometime during this summer I made a trip back up to London with Colin and stayed at Patak's house. Patak had left for a year (I thought) in india with the kids. Mark was living there still.
I was a tourist in London for the first and last time. Got it out of my system.

Got my ear pierced? - might have been half term later in year.

I had the New Order singles compilation on my walkman and remember walking the dog round the sports fields listening to it. It included the new song, "True Faith" which was a huge hit.

I went out with two girls over the summer - not at the same time - just to releive the boredom. went out with the lads - The Bank - a new pub. I wore white trousers!! Asked a girl out who'd been talking to us.

After that I remember us going to a pub on Dartmoor - I guess bill drove us up there. I was mainly thinking about my forthcoming date. Needless to say it didn't work out. So I asked another girl out the same night she ditched me. I must have had something going for me cos she said yes too. We snogged quite a bit, went out a few times, but then she ditched me too, just in time for me going back to London.